Show good practice with MHE accreditation


What are the benefits?

Once your workshop has passed, it is placed on the Register of Accredited MHE Workshops. You will also be given a certificate to display in the workplace, and can also order a presentation plaque (at extra cost). You will also benefit from the usage of the MHE Accredited Workshop logo on your website, marketing and sales materials. Most importantly, clients and prospects will know that your workshop respect high standards and will be more confident in using your services.

What does it cost, how long is my accreditation valid for?

Our pricing structure is easy and depends on how many workshops you need:

Band A (5 workshops or less) £700 + VAT per audit

Band B (6 – 30 workshops) £675 + VAT per audit

Band C (31 workshops or more) £625 + VAT per audit Once audited successfully, each workshop will remain on the accreditation register for three years.


How do I apply?